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this is pretty much just a redo of my other tutorial cause i hated how that one turned out, but someone asked for tips so I thought I’d do it before college legit starts on monday omg

just some ideas to play around with!!!

It’s hard coming up with just general tips for drawing, but if you have anything more specific you have troubles with just ask this weekend and I’ll do tutorials cause im bored anyway lmaooo

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completed object head representations of all the kids and troll’s lands, now compiled into one set!

it’s been a pleasure working on all of these, and i’m so happy that everyone’s been seeming to enjoy them as much as i’ve enjoyed making them!

check the captions if you’re not sure which land is which. uvu

here’s the individual links for all of them, too:

[ beta kids | alpha kids | trolls I | trolls II | trolls III ]

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  • found their phone number in a library book au
  • hitchhiker ride au
  • met through online rpg au
  • disneyworld cosplayers au
  • accidentally taking each other’s bags au
  • camp councelors au
  • antiques shop au
  • called the wrong number while drunk au
  • sex shop au
  • found your their dog au
  • crashed the their car au
  • yoga class au
  • public demonstration au

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I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

HAHA haaa……hhh..



since somebody asked for my brush settings, here they are! these are the brushes I favor 95% of the time unless I have to use Photoshop for something

there are kind of a lot ahaha sorry

they’re really nothing special, and I’m often changing certain things depending on my needs, but I’m happy to share the settings I’m currently using anyway c:

everything else is either completely default or doesn’t get used often

just keep in mind these aren’t necessarily set in concrete so I encourage you to play around until they suit your own style

(these also look best in high resolutions!)

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